Puppy dies after reportedly eating plant

FALLBROOK, Calif. - A Fallbrook mother contacted 10News after her family's brand new puppy mysteriously died over the weekend. 

Kathi Knouse says she and her family only had the 11-week-old Labrador for a week.

"It's a shock … you only have a puppy for a week and they don't understand," said Knouse.

She and her kids were playing outside last week when they noticed the puppy, "Moose," chewing on cones from a plant. Minutes later, the puppy became really sick.

"He threw up three or four more times and we knew right away something's wrong and we needed to get him to an emergency vet," said Knouse.

Her husband rushed the dog to the veterinarian, where Knouse says they thought the puppy had a bad reaction to a bee sting or spider bite. She believes it was the plant that killed the dog.

Team 10 did an investigation on toxic plants and found many pet owners do not know which can be dangerous.

10News sent photos of the plant the dog was chewing on to a botanist who believes the cones are Magnolia fruit. Some experts say ingesting the seeds can be toxic.

"You feel like, what did we do wrong? Were we not watching them enough?" Knouse said.

Knouse did not order test results to confirm what killed her dog but she says all signs point to the plant. She urges other pet owners to do their research and make sure what is growing in their backyard is safe for everyone.

"Just need to be aware of those things so you can watch over your pets and family," she said.

10News contacted the veterinarian but calls were not immediately returned.

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