Woman thrown from minivan roof after crash on Interstate 5 in Del Mar

Car slams into minivan

DEL MAR, Calif. - A woman told 10News she is lucky to be alive after she was thrown from the roof of her minivan while she tried to tie down loose items along Interstate 5 in Del Mar.

“A car…looks like he was intentionally went to hit us… veered right into us,” Judy Rae Campbell told 10News minutes after she escaped a crash uninjured.

Campbell said she ended up on ice plant.

Campbell, her friend Jenn and Jenn's husband were headed northbound on I-5, near Del Mar.  They were headed home from a swap meet when drivers began honking at their loaded-down minivan.

“We thought something was wrong up top so we pulled over to check it because someone honked," said Campbell.

She said she put on a safety vest, tightened the load and within seconds noticed a black Honda CRX headed towards her.

“She flew off into the median over here and then got back up and was actually just fine,” said witness John Zakhar. 

Zakhar and his girlfriend were headed home from Balboa Park and saw what happened.

“Maybe 10 to 15 feet up in the air and then out that way, it looked like something should have been broken," said Zakhar. "Pretty surprised that everyone’s alive from this one to be honest."

The driver of the black car told emergency responders he was reaching for a jug of water.  He was okay to talk with emergency responders, but the woman who was in his passenger seat was pinned inside his car.

10News crews captured rescue workers extricating her from the crumpled vehicle.

“It looked like a bomb went off in here,” Zakhar said.

The woman, the driver of the black car and the driver of the minivan were taken to the hospital for observation.

It is unclear if the driver of the black car will be cited.

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