Woman: Target charged me $1,000 in fraud charges

SAN DIEGO - A San Diego woman claims her information was stolen in the massive Target data breach and says now she owes Target nearly $1,000.

Becky Fillion knew something was wrong when she noticed some bizarre charges to her bank account. 

Fillion was aware of the data breach at Target but never thought she would become a fraud victim.

She reported the fraud but then got a big bill from Target.

“That’s not going to happen to me. I’m not one of them,” Fillion said.

Target said thieves stole card or personal information from 110 million customers over two weeks during the holiday shopping season.

“Then they said pin numbers were stolen, so immediately they said they have my pin number because it was tied to my Target debit card,” Fillion said.

Fillion started looking at her statements and said she noticed some charges she said she didn’t make. Including four charges in a row – three of them for the same amount.

“$23.75, $23.75, $23.75, $18.94.  All one after the other, all on the same day,” said Fillion.

She said all the fraudulent charges came to around $500.

Fillion reported the fraud to her bank. The bank agreed, said it was fraud and refunded the money.

“After that, they said I didn’t have to worry about it,” Fillion said.

Then she received a letter from Target.

“That the charges were all correct,” Fillion said.

The letter states that Fillion had made the purchases that she reported as fraud.

“You cannot look at this and tell me this looks okay to you. Like $23.75 five times in a row, like really?”

Target charged her more money for every charge she reported and they had to investigate.

“According to this, I owe Target close to $1,000.  $1,000! And $515 of it was stolen from me,” Fillion said.

She called Target several times but always talked to someone in a call center in another country.

“It’s not right. Target is not the victim. I’m the victim,” Fillion said.

Target’s customer service told her to call the sheriff’s office and make a fraud report.

Team10 Consumer Reporter Cristin Severance stepped in and called Target.

Target told 10News to have her call the Corporate Customer service line. Since Fillion had not gotten anywhere on the phone, Team10 did not stop there – We emailed the media department trying to reach a resolution.

Stay with 10News to follow the development of this story.

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