Woman severely injured after fall at Sunset Cliffs: Woman's dog stolen after she fell

Vera Debois broke both hips, fractured neck, back

SAN DIEGO - A young mother of three is clinging to life after a horrific fall at Sunset Cliffs. To make matters worse, her beloved puppy was stolen when she fell.

Vera Debois was walking along Sunset Cliffs over the weekend when she fell.

"I think she just got too close to the edge and she slipped off," said Debois' friend Mervin Bibbey.

Bibbey said Debois fell about 40 to 50 feet and landed on top of a rock. DeBois broke both hips and fractured her neck and back. Her situation is so delicate she had to be airlifted to the hospital. 

"They said that it's going to be a long road for her to come out of it because she's got a lot of rehabilitation to do," said Bibbey.

Adding to the 28-year-old's trauma, a group of young men stole DeBois' puppy after she fell. Doctors do not want to tell her the dog is gone because it may slow her recovery. 

"She's very attached to the dog," said Bibbey. "She loves it a lot. It's basically one of her only companions right now."

That is because DeBois recently moved from Seattle to San Diego to be closer to her children. Their father moved them to San Diego and recently cut her off from seeing them.

The puppy, which is named "O.B." for Ocean Beach, is a half pit bull, half bull mastiff. He has a collar and tag with his name on it. He is mostly black, but his chest and the bottom half of his paws are white.

"I'm hoping we can get it back," said Bibbey. 

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