Woman says San Diego County tax collector sent refund check to wrong home

She says woman at that address forged check

EL CAJON, Calif. - An El Cajon woman called 10News after she says the San Diego County tax collector made an expensive mistake and wants her to fix it.

Jackie Reynolds and her husband buy and sell commercial property. A couple of years ago, they overpaid their property taxes so the tax collector sent them a refund check. But for whatever reason, they sent it to a random address in Oakland.

"Per their employees, they Google your name and they come up with what I guess they believe to be a reasonable possibility of who it is," said Reynolds.

In this case, the check was nearly $7,500.

"She received a $7,500 check in her mail and went straight to her bank, forged our signatures and then deposited her it into her personal account," said Reynolds.

So, she called the county tax collector's office and asked for another check.

She was told, "No refund. As far as their department is concerned, they issued the refund, the refund was cashed and that it's up to us to pursue this person."

10News called the tax office to talk to assessor Dan McAllister and received this statement:

"We are further reviewing the circumstances of this case regarding potential fraud against the County of San Diego and Jacqueline Reynolds. It is unfortunate that the Reynolds family and the County of San Diego may be the victims of fraud. My office will fully cooperate with the appropriate authorities to assist in the prompt resolution of this issue."

10News read Reynolds the statement.

"Dumbfounded," she said. "They did something incredibly irresponsible and stupid and they're looking at us to fix it."

Reynolds and her husband plan to file a suit in small claims court against the county tax assessor.

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