Woman loses 16 pounds after swallowing pill that turns into a balloon

Obalon made in San Diego

SAN DIEGO - A San Diego woman shared her progress with Team 10 after going through a weight-loss procedure that involves swallowing a pill that turns into a balloon.

Team 10 was first reported on Obalon, which is made in San Diego, earlier this year. A doctor that performs the Obalon procedure said a patient could lose 30 pounds in three to four months.

Two months after undergoing the procedure, Ora Herrera said said it's been well worth the nearly $4,000 price tag.

IMAGES: Before and after Obalon

"I feel great," said Herrera.

Herrera is now 16.5 pounds lighter, and she said she's noticed a big difference.

"Just the sheer fact that when you lose weight, you feel lighter with more energy," said Herrera.

Obalon is a pill that a patient swallows. It then turns into a balloon in the patient's stomach to take up space so he or she is not hungry.

Herrera started with one balloon, and then swallowed another one.

Herrera said she feels satisfied and not overly full. She told Team 10 that the biggest key to her success is the app that comes along with Obalon at the Obesity Control Center.

"If you put in an option of food that maybe wasn't that great, it will say maybe you can eat this and not that next time," said Herrera.

She said the clinic's nutritionist tracks her progress on the app and can message her directly about what she's eating.

Herrera went to the Obesity Control Center in Tijuana to get the Obalon procedure done by Dr. Ariel Ortiz.

Obalon is manufactured by a company in San Diego, but it is not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in the U.S.

Herrera wants to lose another 15 pounds and is on track to do meet her goal.

See how Obalon works:

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