Woman hurt in Escondido hit-and-run crash seeks answers

SAN DIEGO - A Valley Center woman was injured Sunday when authorities say a driver blew through a red light, but it's what happened after the crash that has the woman so mad.

"The people in the car took off. Two males ran and a woman was trying to get away," said Julie Wright. "She had no concern for my wellbeing; she just kept saying she was a felon and please don't call the cops."

The crash happened on the corner of Idaho Avenue and state Route 78 in Escondido, and witnesses from the Escondido Christian Center rushed to help.

"The woman was hysterical. She was jumping into traffic and trying to get into passerby's vehicles. The crowd was telling people not to pick her up, as she was involved in a hit-and-run. She told the witnesses not to call the cops because she would go to jail for a long time. They told her no, 911 had been called; she then got in the vehicle and took off. I had no idea how she got away, the car was missing a tire, a bumper and totaled on one side," said Wright.

Wright said she is sore from the crash, but feels fortunate the crash wasn't worse. Her Subaru was totaled from the collision.

"The bummer is we had to call 911 three times seeking help. It took 30 minutes for the police to get there with an ambulance. Why is that? If I was critically injured, I could have taken a turn for the worse or died in that 30 minutes.," Wright said.

The CHP did not respond to numerous messages left by 10News Monday.
Wright took a picture of the woman she believes may have been a passenger or a driver of the car. She also snapped a picture of the getaway car's bumper and license plate. She is hoping the photos will be enough evidence to solve the case.

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