Man arrested in connection with woman's stabbing death

Joanne Javier found dead in car in parking lot

CARLSBAD, Calif. - An arrest has been made in connection with the death of a 24-year-old woman who was found bleeding in a parked car in a Carlsbad commercial district on Friday.

Patrol officers responding to an emergency call found a woman bleeding from her chest in the 5800 block of Van Allen Way in Carlsbad shortly before 4:30 p.m., according to police.

Paramedics pronounced her dead at the scene a short time later. The woman appeared to have been stabbed in the chest multiple times.

"She was kind of slumped over and then you saw a bunch of blood and it was awful," said witness Varonica Williams.

The Medical Examiner's Office on Sunday identified the victim as Joanne Javier.

"I feel shock," said Fernando Panganiban, Javier's former landlord. He said Javier had rented a room from him at his Mira Mesa home until about a few months ago. Panganiban said Javier had a 2-year-old son. 

Witnesses say Javier, a dental assistant, left for lunch at about 2 p.m. but she never came back. Another witness said her boss found her in the car severely injured.

"I heard a lady screaming outside," said Williams. "She had a white jacket on. She said, 'My assistant, my assistant, call 911' so I called 911."

On Friday evening, Carlsbad and San Diego police arrested John Monta at a home in the 2200 block of Dunlop Street in Linda Vista in connection with Javier's death.

Neighbor Marc George saw the arrest take place. 

"A bunch of cops, about 15 cop cars, about three or four dogs surrounded the whole place... pretty crazy," said George. 

George told 10News that Monta surrendered without a fight. 

"Seemed like a nice guy, known him for a little while, didn't talk to him much but seemed like a real nice guy," he added.

It is not yet clear whether Javier was married to Monta. 

Both Panganiban and George said that Monta does not seem like the type of person who could do something like that.

"I know that John... he's a cool guy but I did know that he has a bad temper," said Panganiban, who added that Monta is battling cancer.

George said, "As far as I know the guy, seems like a real good guy. Never violent, real calm."

Monta is being held at Vista Detention Facility without bail. He faces one count of first-degree murder.

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