Woman Finds Nail In Marshmallow Bar

Family Of Woman Says Treat Was Purchased At A Local 7-Eleven

General Mills may soon launch an investigation after an Escondido woman claims she discovered a nail in one of the company's candy bars.

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Veronica Rivera said she purchased a Golden Grahams Treats Chocolate Marshmallow bar from a 7-Eleven store Wednesday.

Halfway through eating it, she said she found a nail that looked just like any other chocolate chip inside the bar.

Her sister-in-law, Michelle Alvarez, called the number on the wrapper.

"She was freaked out, she didn't know what to do," Alvarez told 10News.

General Mills officials said they wanted to see the nail and were going to send an envelope and vouchers to replace the treat.

General Mills officials told 10News over the phone Thursday that they received no other complaints and there are no nails in their manufacturing site. They said products go through metal detectors, but that they will conduct an investigation into what happened.

10News checked out the box of chocolate marshmallow bars where Rivera's treat came from and did not find nails in the other treats. The wrapping for the chocolate marshmallow bar Rivera purchased did not seem to be pierced.

The Rivera family is now deciding whether to hire an attorney.

"It's not about the money, it's about making sure people are safe out there," said Rivera's mother.

Rivera was not injured.

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