Woman files claim over hair-pulling incident:Torazzi Hayslett claims civil rights violations

Incident captured on video

SAN DIEGO - A woman seen on video getting her hair pulled by a San Diego police officer has filed a claim against the police department over the officer's actions.

Torazzi Hayslett claims her "civil and constitutional rights" were violated and said she is still receiving treatment from neck and back injuries sustained in the incident.

The city of San Diego, the SDPD, Officer Daniel McLaughlin and SDPD Chief William Lansdowne were named in the complaint.

On Oct. 19, Hayslett came home to find her Nestor-area home on Ilex Avenue engulfed in flames.

When she tried to enter her home, she said someone grabbed her.

"I was charged from behind and as I was charged from behind, I had no clue who it was or who was charging on me. I tried to grab the fire truck," she told 10News in a previous interview.

Video shot on the scene that day by K. Johnson of the Imperial Beach Patch showed firefighters as the first people that tried to keep Hayslett from running into the burning home. Then, McLaughlin ran over and started to push Hayslett back.

A second later, Hayslett's husband, Alex, grabbed her and tried to pull her away from McLaughlin. But in that moment of extreme emotion, Hayslett appeared to try and hit the officer. After that, he grabbed her hair and appeared to try and take her down.

"I had no clue who that person was. I had tunnel vision when I got there so I wasn't aware of my surroundings. I was just looking at my entire house and if somebody's grabbing and your emotions are at the max, I was just trying to defend myself," she said.

Alex Hayslett told 10News that he was angry that while he was trying to control his wife, McLaughlin wouldn't let go.

"You're a grown man; there's other ways to handle situations. As we become adults … I mean, you can handle it like an adult or you can handle it like a child," Alex Hayslett said.

Last year, McLaughlin was found guilty of using unreasonable force against homeless advocate Dave Ross, who hands out water to the homeless.

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