Woman convicted of stealing from elderly arrested

SAN MARCOS, Calif. - A San Marcos woman who is a convicted burglar is accused once again of stealing from not one, but two senior citizens.

Helen Weiner was arrested on Aug. 11 and is being held without bail. She is a resident and was the neighborhood gardener and handyman at the Las Brisas Pacificas 55 plus community.

Whether it was landscaping, ride service or various house repairs, neighbors tell 10News the San Marcos resident had keys for close to 25 to 30 homes that they say she used to gain access and steal from numerous community members.

"It pissed me off … that somebody was coming into my house," said theft victim Sue Englund.

Weiner was convicted in February for one of those crimes, but in August, neighbors contacted 10News, saying she had struck again.

"The answer would be to get the thief out of the neighborhood," said Susan Fellinger, one of Weiner's victims.

She says Weiner should never have been allowed to return to her community after she was convicted.

Fellinger says Weiner drove her to the airport and then went into her home and stole thousands of dollars worth of silver along with a wedding band.

"There's lots of people here that she's taken from who haven't reported it, and there's lots of people that she's taken from and they don't even realize it," said Fellinger. "When you're old like we are, you have things for 70 years. You don't remember every little thing."

Deputy district attorney Ryan Saunders agrees with Weiner's recent conviction she poses a risk and should not be allowed to live among other seniors.

"We do not want to see her victimize any further elder victims," he said. "The goal is to stop this from happening in the future."

Weiner is scheduled to appear in court for her preliminary hearing on Sept. 25. If convicted, she faces 18 years in prison.

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