Woman convicted in South Bay home rental scam back in jail after bizarre court outburst

Dianne 'Harmony' Brown lashed out at judge

SAN DIEGO - A South Bay woman is back in jail after a bizarre outburst in court on Monday. Before the probation hearing even began, 46-year-old Dianne "Harmony" Brown lashed out at Judge David Szumowski and the deputy district attorney.

"If you are not going to allow for due process, then we have a problem here," said Brown.

Earlier this year, she was convicted of running an elaborate South Bay home rental scam.  She filed false documents to obtain foreclosed homes, rented them out and pocketed the money.

Brown was sentenced to three years probation and work furlough. A warrant was issued for her arrest after she failed to report to work furlough in October.

At the downtown county courthouse on Monday, Judge Szumowski could not get a word in edgewise before Brown denied committing those crimes.

"Number one, I haven't even committed any crime," she stated.

"And where's your lawyer?" asked Szumowski.

"I'm my own attorney," Brown said.

The judge replied, "OK, that's your first mistake."

Brown was nabbed by sheriff’s deputies on Christmas Eve when she showed up at the courthouse to file a civil suit against the investigators and prosecutors involved in her case. Brown even accused Deputy District Attorney Patty Herian of forging documents that got her convicted.

"She needs to be arrested right now because she was a party to it," Brown demanded while pointing at Herian in court.

Herian told 10News afterwards, "I have some idea about it. I actually don't know all the details of it."

She added that she was not surprised by Brown's outbursts. Brown has lashed out in prior court proceedings. What was surprising was Brown's attack on Szumowski.

"I would like to see your oath of office because I am accepting your oath of office and you are supposed to uphold the Constitution and if you are upholding the Constitution then there's no possible way that I can be in jail or in handcuffs because I violated no law," she said.

The judge ignored Brown and sent her back to jail until her next hearing, which is scheduled for Jan. 23. She could be sent to prison for more than eight years if she is convicted of violating her probation.

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