Woman claims she was fired from Forever 21 after appearing in magazine

Cassie Briscoe talked about rough childhood

SAN DIEGO - A San Diego woman tells 10News she was unjustly fired from a popular clothing store because she was featured in a local magazine article.

The woman revealed horrific details of her traumatic childhood, believing her story of triumph would help others.

But she said the information may have been used against her.

Cassie Briscoe's childhood was anything but normal. When she was 10, her grandmother's husband went berserk.

"He came back and cut the phone lines, came in and shot her eight times, stabbed my mother 28 times and stabbed my brother twice," she said. "My brother was 7."

Cassie's mother and brother survived but her mother abandoned her two years later.

"What happened was, I was given drugs and then prostituted as a child," she said.

Fast forward to 2007, Briscoe started working at UTC's Forever 21. She left after three years and then she was arrested and convicted for drugs.

But Briscoe eventually decided to turn her life around, joining a church and a drug treatment center. In 2012, Forever 21 rehired her. She showed 10News her application form where she checked a box indicating that she had been convicted of a felony and the reasons behind it.

She said it did not seem to be an issue with manager. But she said that changed in April, when she shared her story of redemption to a local magazine.

"Once they saw the article, they were like we have to do whatever they had to do to get me out of the store so they started gong through my paperwork," Briscoe said.

Briscloe said she was told that the reason behind the firing was that she lied on her application by not indicating she had been convicted for a felony.

But she said shame was the real reason.

"That was hurtful, that was hurtful," Briscoe said.

She said she just wanted her story to help others who feel they have no hope in life.

"I didn't expect this would turn around on me like this," she said. "I only saw good things coming from it."

Briscoe said she has been sober for almost a year.

10News contacted two managers at Forever 21, one would not comment and another gave a referral to a regional manager, who did not return calls.


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