Woman claims SDPD supervisor sexually harassed her in front of trainee

Says cop offered to trade sex for her release

SAN DIEGO - In what is becoming a growing sex scandal within the San Diego Police Department, a woman is now claiming that back in 2002 a police supervisor sexually harassed her in front of a trainee.

The woman said the incident happened during a traffic stop in the Gaslamp District. She said she has been scared to tell her story for more than a decade.

The woman, identified only by her initials, 'D.B.', claims the police supervisor sexually harassed her and offered to have sex with her. She said in exchange, the supervisor told her she could go free.

She said it happened when she was pulled over for suspected drunk driving.

She doesn't know names or have badge numbers. D.B. describes the supervisor as a tall, 40-to-50-year-old man, with tan skin and a mustache.

D.B. said the supervisor acted like a “head-honcho.” She said he worked a police uniform with bars on his collar, and a traditional billed dress hat.

The following is an excerpt from her sworn statement under penalty of perjury:

"...a male San Diego patrol officer...performed a series of field sobriety tests on me and told me that I was good."

A short time later a male supervisor arrived along with a young male trainee.  He told me that I was under the influence and I was handcuffed from behind.

With the trainee watching the supervisor told me he would need to pat me down.

He patted down my buttocks.  The supervisor then placed me in his patrol car.

The supervisor turned to me and asked if I wanted to...make this all go away.

I asked if he could do that. He said 'yes,' but I would have to have sex with him.

The young trainee looked shocked.  I told the supervisor 'no way.'

The supervisor instructed the trainee to book me."

D.B. claims she only came forward now because of a lawsuit asking for independent oversight of the San Diego Police Department. Her statement was filed in federal court as part of that lawsuit.

The lawsuit involves a woman known publicly only as Jane Doe.  Doe was sexually assaulted in the Gaslamp Quarter by officer Anthony Arevalos, who is currently serving more than eight years in state prison for 13 attacks on women.

"This is direct evidence that it’s being passed on from senior officer to junior officer," attorney Joe Dicks said. He represents Jane Doe.  

Dicks and his legal team recorded the newest woman’s declaration. "I believe that what happened to me is an example of how SDPD supervisors train younger officers," D.B. said as she closed her declaration.

"He's teaching the other officer this is how you abuse your power," Dicks said.

A San Diego police spokesman declined to comment about the new claim citing pending civil litigation.
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