Woman charged with murder in the death of her stepson after ignoring boy's appendicitis for a week

Stepmom told school nurse the boy was faking it

LAS VEGAS - A Las Vegas woman has been charged with murder in the death of her 12-year-old stepson after police say she caused his death by failing to get him medical treatment for appendicitis.
Police originally recommended charging 41-year-old Kalinda Mercado with child abuse with substantial bodily harm resulting in Emmanuel Mercado's death in February.
But after further investigation, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports prosecutors decided the murder charged was warranted.
Police say she ignored the boy's symptoms for a week and told a school nurse who urged her to get him care that she thought he was faking it.
Days later his appendix burst on the way to the hospital and he went into cardiac arrest.
Mercado's lawyer, Lawrence Hill, says it should be a death negligence case at best.

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