Woman calls Team 10 over HOA water waste

Property management company blamed valve, vandals

SAN DIEGO - A woman called Team 10, upset her homeowners association was wasting what could be thousands of gallons of water during the severe drought.

Andrea Gonzales recorded video of sprinklers running all night at the Autumn Crest development in San Diego and sent it to Team 10.

"It would be five hours, 10 hours, 12 … It's ridiculous," said Gonzales.

She complained to the Autumn Crest HOA property management company.

"I was told there were four broken valves," said Gonzales. "I suggested they turn the water off until they get it fixed."

She called Team 10 when she said she saw it was still happening.

A woman from Property Management Consultants Inc. told Team 10 the valves were fixed Monday of last week.

Team 10 saw the issue still happening on Friday and went to the property management office to get clarification.

"The valves were broken, she called the landscaper and they were fixed," said a man who said he was the owner of Property Management Consultants Inc.

He said there was a second issue.

"People were stealing the sprinkler heads off of one of the banks," he said.

The company told Team 10 that vandals had been tampering with the sprinklers for three months.

The Autumn Crest landscaping company, San Diego Landscapes, then called and told Team 10 it has been happening for five months. They said that was reason for the constant watering.

The landscaper said 15 sprinklers were smashed last week. He said people are setting off the sprinklers and letting them run all night.

Police were never called about the vandalism issue and residents were not sent letters about what was happening.

"Wouldn't you want their help in case they saw anything to let you know?" Team 10 asked the owner. 

"I don't know the circumstances of this," he said. "We answer to a board."

Gonzales believes they are making excuses.

"Why would a vandal take apart a sprinkler head," she said. "To take something out of it? Doesn't make sense to me."

The property management company told Team 10 they now have bids out for a security system and locks for the water equipment.

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