Woman arrested after backing truck into liquor store wall in Lakeside

EL CAJON, Calif. - A woman was arrested on suspicion of DUI after backing her truck into a liquor store wall in Lakeside on Saturday.

The incident occurred at about 12:19 p.m. at Los Coches Liquor, which is located at 13305 Highway 8 Business near Los Coches Road.

10News spoke to the Good Samaritan who took the woman's keys and called 911.

“I put her like this and set her butt down over there and told her she couldn't drive,” said Catherine Keys. She is a pastor-in-training and a former bartender.

Once she realized the woman was drunk, Keys said she did not want her to drive any further than the parking lot.

“I told her, ‘You can’t leave here. You're going to kill an innocent family and then you're going to have that on your back,’” said Keys. “She backed into the building.”

From there, she says she grabbed the keys out of the woman's truck with the help of the liquor store owner.

“We got her out of the truck,” said Keys. “I said, ‘Give me the keys.’ I said, ‘I'm not going to hurt you, but I have to take your keys.’ She wouldn't give them up so I just grabbed her hand and I took the keys from her.”

She kept her there until California Highway Patrol officers arrived. After officers gave the woman a breathalyzer test, she was handcuffed and walked to a CHP patrol car.

The liquor store's owner says he refused to sell her alcohol.

"I noticed that she was not walking straight," store owner Monte Zakaria told 10News. "I said, ‘Lady, you are drunk. I cannot sell it to you.' She looked drunk to me."

Keys said she was only trying to do what was right.

"I said, ‘Look, I am trying to help you. If you get out here and kill an innocent family, you'll have that on your back. You'll have to have that for the rest of your life,’" Keys said. "I said, 'Someday, you'll thank us for this.'"

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