Witnesses: RV explodes, ignites home in Poway neighborhood

Incident occurred in 12400 block of Robison Blvd.

POWAY, Calif. - Witnesses say a fire in a Poway neighborhood Friday afternoon began with two large explosions from an RV that had been parked next to a house for several days.

Neighbors say the RV had been parked in the 12400 block of Robison Boulevard for about a week.

Video shot by a 10News viewer from the corner of Pomerado Road and Robison Boulevard, shows the flames as they spread from the RV, onto Maxine Harvey's hillside and then to her home.

She and her family were not home at the time, but her father Ted Kersh happened to be standing close by.

"It blew up," Kersh told 10News. "There were two massive explosions and a ball of flame went up because when I drove down the street the black big ball was still moving away and the whole side of the house was engulfed within seconds."

Amazingly, no one was injured.

Shortly after the RV burst into flames, another 10News viewer captured video with his cellphone of a shirtless man being taken to the ground by sheriff's deputies.

"The officer picked him up and like slammed him on the ground and was, like, fiercely holding his face against the ground," said witness Grant Clark.

Authorities tell 10News the shirtless man was one of two people living inside the RV. Witnesses say he ran shortly after it burst into flames.

As for what was going on beforehand, Kersh said, "The guy under the hood with a bandana on was being shouted at inside. They were obviously trying to fix something and then these two huge explosions."

What caused the RV to burst into flames is still under investigation.

Neighbors, however, say they have reason to believe those living in the RV were up to no good.

"May have been something illicit that was going on that caused the kind of explosions that went up," said Kersh.

As for the man who was taken into custody for questioning, the sheriff's department is not saying if he was formally arrested or if he will be charged with a crime related to the fire that damaged a home and left behind a mess that will be tough to clean up.

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