Witness Tries To Help City Heights Stabbing Victim

Stabbing Occurred In 4000 Block Of 49th Street

San Diego police on Saturday continued to investigate a stabbing death outside a City Heights apartment complex.

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Residents of the complex in the 4000 block of 49th Street heard screaming at about 9:30 p.m. Friday and found the victim in a driveway, according to San Diego police Lt. Kevin Rooney of the Homicide Unit.

Fourteen-year-old Hugo Rivera said he and a few of his friends heard arguing.

"I just heard two loud yells," said Rivera.

He told 10News about how he rushed outside to see a wounded man falling to the ground.

"The guy just let himself fall," said Rivera. "He just... boom... just fell."

The man had two wounds on his left side near his ribs and chest, Rivera said. With the help of his friends, Rivera carried the man into his apartment.

Rivera said he checked the man's pulse and he was still alive when they took him inside. The teens tried to keep him comfortable until police arrived.

"He was just gasping and then I looked at him and he just took his last gasp and just shut his eyes," said Rivera.

He told 10News that despite having witnessed something so traumatic, he would not have been able to live with himself if he did not step in to help.

Paramedics arrived but were unable to save the man. He was declared dead at the scene at 9:50 p.m.

His name was not released.

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