Witness raises new concerns over dog left in car

She says dog was left for more than two hours

CHULA VISTA, Calif. - 10News has new information on a story involving a pit bull left in a car in the middle of the day. A woman says the dog was left in the car in Chula Vista a lot longer than the owner claims.

"It broke my heart," said the witness, who did not want to be identified.

She told 10News she saw a figure in the parked car.

"It was a dog, and I didn't see anybody else in the vehicle with the animal," she said, adding that the windows were cracked about half an inch.

"And I saw the poor dog panting like crazy all over the place. It was drooling like crazy," she said.

10News cameras were rolling when an animal control officer showed up. He took the temperature inside the car twice and said it was more than 100 degrees.

When the owner showed up, a 10News crew asked him how long the dog was in the car.

He answered, "She was only there for like 35 minutes, tops." He did not want to give out his name.

"I know that's a complete lie," said the witness. "It was more than … at the minimum it was like two and a half hours."

A 10News crew parked a car in the same location and placed a thermometer inside. It was about 72 degrees inside when the doors were closed and the windows opened about half an inch. After about 35 minutes, the temperature inside the car was reading about 90 degrees.

The dog was taken in for evaluation and then released back to the owner.

A representative with the city of Chula Vista told 10News after examining the dog, it did not appear to have been in the car for two hours and looked well cared for otherwise.

The owner was not cited and will have to take an education class. That makes the witness very upset.

"The dog can die the next time around, and I cannot believe they let him keep the dog again," she said.

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