Will the hidden cash frenzy hit San Diego?

SAN DIEGO - Thousands of people have joined the frenzied search for cash hidden in secret locations around the state.

It started in San Francisco, then San Jose. Now a mystery man is hiding stashes of cash in L.A. So, the million dollar question is... will this generous mystery man make his way down to San Diego?  

People were on their hands and knees, looking under bushes, climbing trees and running around town looking for cash hidden by a mystery man.  

One man stopped to talk to a reporter until he spotted something taped to a fire hydrant. He scored. He said the message on the envelope read, “It says re-tweet when you find.” Inside the envelope was $120 bucks.

So who is this guy behind the hidden cash craze that's gone from San Fran, to San Jose now down to L.A? Well, no one knows. All he's revealed is that he's from San Francisco, he made a fortune in real estate and now he wants to spread the wealth. He uses Twitter to send out clues in the form of riddles, like this one "First LA drop! Get close to the water, but no need to get wet at this famous fountain." That fountain was in Griffith Park.

He did do a radio interview where he talked about his mission. “My point would be to encourage people who have been successful to give back a little bit more and pay it forward.”

The man behind it all said he came to L.A. on business. But now that he's close, many locals hope he continues on south to San Diego.

Meanwhile, another mystery man inspired by the scavenger hunt up north has started hiding cash across San Diego County. Check out the Tweet referencing 10News that was sent out late Thursday night:

So far, the man has left $45 at various spots across the county, including outside a deli in Scripps Ranch, and behind a sign at Dave and Busters in Mission Valley. He posts clues about the hiding places on his twitter handle @sdcashstash.

Ivan Miranda found one of the drops behind a light in front of Petco in Escondido.

"I was like stoked, I was happy about it. $45, I was like that's a free $45 and I was glad somebody is doing this."

Lalo Martinez found $45 stashed behind a sign at Dave and Busters in Mission Valley. He's in Washington D.C. now, celebrating his graduation from SDSU. He said the extra spending money will come in handy on his trip.

"They are awesome, they are amazing, I just hope that they know it is appreciated," said Martinez.

The mystery man told 10News he wants to remain anonymous, but he sent us the following statement after we contacted him on Facebook.

"I would like to remain anonymous. But you can ask me anything you like on facebook (sic) if you like. I saw the gentleman in SF doing this and I thought it would be nice to help out some folks out in San Diego. I've had a good past few years after some down years and thought how cool it would be to have this type of thing in San Diego. Pay it forward so to speak. I haven't been able to give as much as the guy up in SF ($100+) but i hope to.

"So far its been around $45 or so but I will be raising that soon since its been so popular. Basically, you know the feeling that you get when/if you buy dinner for a stranger or leave a big tip after overhearing the waitress is having trouble covering her bills? I get to feel that everyday doing this.. so I am going to continue. I know during some times in my life when I has short on money and worried about covering basic costs $40-$100 meant a LOT to me.. Now $100 doesn't hurt me to give it but it sure feels good to do it. Its even fun! Win Win I guess! I am a male in his early 40's with a wife and young son and I live in San Diego."

He told 10News he plans to make a larger drop of $100 somewhere in San Diego on Friday.

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