Wife of SD-based Marine upset over how she says American Airlines treated husband, service dog


The wife of a Camp Pendleton-based Marine is upset with how she says American Airlines treated her husband and his service dog.

She posted her frustration on Facebook and the post has been "liked" by more than 170,000 people.

The post by Aimee Rebecca Fite, of Oceanside, was regarding how she says American Airlines treated her husband and his service dog.

According to her Facebook page, she is married to Cpl. Brad Fite.

Cpl. Fite is a combat injured Marine. Team 10 did a story on him in February when the Purple Heart recipient received a one-of-a-kind guitar. It was a gift from the San Diego military support group "The Nice Guys."

"This is huge," Cpl. Fite told 10News during a February interview. "In recovery, you have to find the positives and what works for you to be able to keep a smile on your face and keep pushing on."

According to Amy Fite's Facebook post, her husband has a service dog named Duke.

Fite wrote on the American Airlines Facebook page that she called the company to inform them that Cpl. Fite would be traveling with Duke for the holidays.

She said, "[American Airlines] informed my husband, a combat injured OEF veteran who has the service dog for mobility issues and also to help with his PTSD, that he would need to pay $125.00 each way to have his service dog fly with him…"

Fite goes on to say that it is unlawful to charge a handler to fly with their licensed service animal.

"If we get to the counter tomorrow morning and an airline representative attempts to charge us for our dog, we will, indeed, pay the fee respectfully, but you will have lost a longtime customer as well as initiated a law suit," she wrote.

After posting her story, Fite posted this update: "My husband was not charged for his service animal... American is trying to say they didn't charge us because it was the right thing to do – wrong, it was the legal thing to do. The gold tag… on Duke's vest is proof that he is, indeed, a service dog… trained to work with my husband."

She thanked everyone for their support and urged all businesses to know ADA laws and regulations.

Team 10 reached out to American Airlines for a comment.

A spokesperson said, "American Airlines understands and appreciates the expressed concerns. We also appreciate our military men and women and support many initiatives to honor and assist them. We can confirm the family wasn't charged for the service dog when he traveled us."

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