Wife of San Diego man assaulted at random believes husband is victim of 'knockout' attack

'Knockout' involves randomly punching strangers

SAN DIEGO - "Knockout" attacks – in which people on the street randomly punch strangers – are happening across the country and perhaps now in San Diego.

Victoria Hyatt told 10News her husband was the latest victim of an unprovoked attack near the Gaslamp Quarter at Second Avenue and Ash Street.

"Why would you do this?" she asked "Why would you just hurt someone, be walking along and hurt someone?"

Hyatt said her husband is not ready to speak about the incident himself. His face is still swollen and red and she wants everyone to know it is the result of someone sucker-punching him in the face for no apparent reason.

"They weren't talking to each other," she said. "They were just standing next to each other and then out of the blue, the light changed for him to walk across the crosswalk and he just … bam, hit him as hard as he could."

She says what happened next is just as bizarre. The man simply walked away while her husband stumbled back to his office to report his assault to police.

After talking to friends, Hyatt says it turns out her husband is not alone. She believes he is the victim of a stunning nationwide trend called the 'knockout' game.

YouTube video shows teens randomly punching a man on the street. In Pittsburgh, there was another deliberate and violent attack on a schoolteacher, who can be seen tumbling over after a punch from a teenager. A man in New Jersey died after a group of teens attacked him.

"When the man hit him, he just walked on like nothing had happened. That's what so shocking," said Hyatt.

Hyatt says the man who attacked her husband was cited but not arrested. She told 10News reporter Rielle Creighton that police said they had no witnesses to her husband's assault.

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