Website's name chanted during fight at local beach

SAN DIEGO - An ugly fight on a San Diego beach is drawing attention for the words being yelled from the witnesses. Some believe the incident is part of a violent viral trend that could draw in innocent bystanders.  

In a YouTube video, tension on a San Diego beach suddenly erupts into violence. As the fists fly, there was a cry from one of the onlookers.

The words being yelled were "World Star." Those are words heard more and more often when fights break out. is a popular site infamous for posting videos of violent events. 10News found a posted video of a brawl outside Stingaree and found another fight that drew more than a million views.                          

The site has become so popular that people are known to spontaneously chant "World Star" in recognition the video may be posted on the site.

“It's horrible, just horrible,” said Dr. Mark Kalish.

Kalish, a forensic psychiatrist, believes the ones doing the yelling have become desensitized to violence.

"A human being is being beaten and what they're perceiving, I guess, is performance art," he said.

Kalish, who has interviewed countless violent criminals over the last three decades, says those chants are dangerous.

"What you're describing is the mob mentality, and it only serves to encourage the perpetrator to do more damage," he said.

In that beach video, the fight escalates. Other people get involved and come to blows.

Kalish says the hopes to record a viral hit could hurt innocent people.

"More and more people are drawn in," he said. "Then they get the adrenaline rush and more people participate and more people become victims."

10News reached out to owners of the site but did not receive a call back.

In a previous story by ABC News, the website owner Lee O'Denat stated, "We all get the blame when something goes wrong, and I think it's fairly unjust. I can't comment on someone being stupid who wants to put it on World Star, and I can't really take too much blame when someone mentions World Star on the video."

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