Waterproof portable devices now a reality

San Diego company lets you listen underwater

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - Take your iPod or Kindle and throw it in the water.  Go ahead.  Chuck it.

Wait!  Make sure San Diego-based Waterfi got a hold of it first.

The young company has come up with way to allow people to take portable electronics underwater.  And not just dropping them in the tub.  Waterfi says it can make an iPod work underwater, up to 200-feet deep.

“We defend the products, but we also allow people to take them wherever they need to go,” said Waterfi founder Royce Nicholas.

About two years ago, Nicholas waterproofed an iPod and sold it online.  He coated all the internal electronics with a patent-pending mixture.

“Customized plastics that completely defy the water,” he told 10News.  “It basically stops any corrosion from saltwater or chlorine."

Waterfi has waterproofed iPod Shuffles, Nanos, the Nike+ Fuelband and the Amazon Kindle.

The company sold more than 50,000 units it first year.  This year, Waterfi expects to do more than $6 million in sales.  Not bad for a company with only 21 employees.  Waterfi still has to tackle the mega-sellers:

“The iPhone and the iPad are definitely next,” said Nicholas.


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