Vintage guitar destroyed in baggage claim: Musician Dave Schneider says guitar worth $10K

A man from Portland, Maine is demanding Delta Airlines to pay up after his $10,000 vintage guitar was destroyed in baggage claim.

Dave Schneider told Yahoo News that he made every attempt to let the airline allow him to carry his 1965 Gibson ES-335 on board a flight from New York to Detroit.

He even offered to buy a seat for the guitar. The airlines denied his request and told him to check the guitar in.

When he got to baggage claim after his flight, he found the guitar wedged between a service elevator and a loading dock rail.

He's asking Delta for the estimated $1,980 it would cost to repair the guitar.

Delta, for its part, issued a statement to Yahoo News saying that the airlines "will be reaching out to the customer directly to discuss how to make this right."

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