Set of eyes found in cooler at Missouri gas station

Uncertain whether eyes are human or from an animal

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Investigators with the Kansas City Police Department want to know who left a set of eyes at an area gas station.

An employee at the Conoco gas station called police early Thursday when he found what was described as a suspicious package on top of a trash container outside the station.

Inside the package was a medical cooler and a set of what appeared to be eyes.

It’s hard to tell if the eyes may belong to a human because many animals have eyes that look similar to human eyes, police said.

Authorities contacted area eye transplant centers and hospitals to see if anyone was missing the eyes.

The owner of the gas station arrived later, allowing investigators to view surveillance tape. It showed two men in a blue Toyota with Nebraska license plates walking the package to the trash.

Police took the package to the Jackson County Medical Examiner’s office, where a doctor was set to review the eyes later Thursday morning.

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