San Diego Police investigate 'Confession Bear' murder admission on Reddit

Users ID'd poster Naratto as a San Diego resident

SAN DIEGO - San Diego police investigated an online murder confession that went viral after it was posted on the popular site Reddit.

The Reddit user, "Naratto," posted the so-called "Confession Bear" meme along with the text: "My sister had an abusive meth addict boyfriend – killed him with his own drugs while he was unconscious and they ruled it an overdose."

Reddit users, who pointed out that the user may be someone from San Diego, alerted authorities about the viral post, according to ABC's 20/20.

The user Naratto later posted this comment in response to users attempting to find clues if the post is real: "If I had a dollar for every time someone took me… seriously on the internet, I would be able to retire from today alone ... if you want to catch a murderer, get out of your house, put on some f***ing tights and go fight crime."

San Diego police said they are checking the online tips and it is unclear if a crime has occurred.

"This may be a hoax and it may be real," Lt. Kevin Mayer with San Diego police, told ABC's 20/20. "We received a tip and our Cold Case Unit is investigating it like any other tip. It may be a hoax, but it's always a good idea to report this kind of information. Sometimes it's the one thing that breaks open a case."

There are currently no suspects, according to ABC's 20/20.

10News went to the address of the San Diego man connected to the account, but the person who answered the door had no knowledge of the post.

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