Rookie San Diego Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen criticized for wearing Raiders hat in photo

SAN DIEGO - In what many sports bloggers are calling a 'rookie' mistake, Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen inadvertently set off a social media firestorm over the weekend after posting a photo of himself donning a Raiders hat.

Allen, a Cal grad, recorded himself on the mobile app Vine enjoying In-and-Out. The problem? The San Diego Chargers draft pick was wearing a Raiders hat.

The backlash from Bolts fans on social media was swift. Here are just a few comments on the photo compiled by the blog Lob Shots:

"if that's post draft, that kid is an idiot. I won't be rooting for him." -@habitualistic

"Typical San Diego! If he wore that in Denver he would get destroyed!!!!!!!!!!!!!" -@dnel0780

"Welcome to San Diego. Now burn that Raiders hat" -@crackpotjack

 The image was quickly deleted on Vine and Allen posted the following apologies on Twitter:

"I apologize!" - @KAAdeuce1

"I get it fans!!!! Won't happen again!" - @KAAdeuce1

What do you think about the fallout? Was it warranted or overblown?


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