Photos, videos of Navy corpsman feeding rescued baby bunnies go viral

Corpsman says he found them at Camp Pendleton

SAN DIEGO - Photos of a Navy corpsman feeding baby bunnies have gone viral after they were posted to the social website Reddit.

The photos were posted to Reddit by user TokyoManeater69. He wrote that he found a dead adult rabbit and four small ones nearby in a hole on Camp Pendleton.

"I grabbed a box, put a few old shirts into it and picked up the bunnies," he wrote on Reddit. "I researched how to raise them and what to feed them. I made a nice box for them to live in and bottle fed them until I could wean them to eat the local foods."

In addition to photos, two videos were posted on YouTube, with each racking up more than 60,000 views in one day.

Many on Reddit were acknowledging his good deeds.

"I love people who are kind to animals," one commenter wrote. "How can you not be? These are so cute! Humanity at its best."

Another wrote, "Such a good dude. Thank you!"

View the videos below:

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