Hornet's nest the size of a Volkswagen Beetle reported near Florida couple's home

Unwelcome neighbor plagues Florida residents

GREENVILLE, Fla. - A Florida couple says they have an unwelcome neighbor the size of a Volkswagen Beetle that just won't buzz off.

A giant hornet's nest approximately 20 feet in circumference is hanging from a tree just feet from their Greenville home.

According to KLTV, Norman Bush and his wife Pat are worried the nest could be a danger to the public if it is not taken care of.

"If somebody wants to come by and was to shoot it or something like that I'm sure that they'd swarm everywhere," Norman Bush told KLTV. "Imagine if a child or something was out in my yard and they all attack that child that would be bad news.”

The hornets, the largest of the wasp species, are not bothering anyone. However, the nest does create a potentially hazardous situation and the Bushes do not want to take any chances.

Hornets do not lose their stingers when they attack and commonly sting more than once.

Animal control officials are strategizing ways to remove the possibly record-breaking nest. New Zealand currently holds the Guinness World Record with a nest measuring 12 feet 2 inches long.

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