Georgia woman claims ghost stole resume, blouse

Resume valued at $5,000, woman says

AUGUSTA, Ga. - Police in Georgia may need some supernatural help to solve the case of a missing resume that a woman claims was stolen by a ghost.

Debbie Michelle Zamacona, 40, reported to police that her resume, a list of her criminal history and blouse were taken from her home last month, the Augusta Chronicle reported.

When asked who she believed may have items, Zamacona told police she suspected the thief was one of two ghosts.

She said the spirit of her late mother often visits her, but that she occasionally also sees a black spirit roaming near her home.

Zamacona estimated the value of her resume at $5,000, and her criminal history list at $10.

A man who said he was Zamacona's husband told the Huffington Post that he was able to find a copy of her resume on her computer. He said she suffers from bi-polar disorder.

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