Water main break closes Hilltop High School in Chula Vista

CHULA VISTA, Calif. - A water main break closed the campus of Hilltop High School Thursday morning, sending some 2,200 students home early.

A spokesperson for Sweetwater Union High School District said the break occurred sometime in the morning, leaving the school without running water. The pipe, the main water supply to the campus at the eastern end of the school, ruptured early in the morning sending a torrent of water on to the athletic fields. Initially, portable bathrooms and wash stations were set up and bottled water was provided.

"I was in PE and there was no water in the water fountains; we couldn't take showers, anything," said student Gabriel Olguin.

Principal Ernesto Zamudio initially believed he could keep school open, saying, "I brought in a pallet of 2,000 bottles of water for the roughly 2,200 students here, so we had plenty of water."

However, sometime before noon the district decided to cancel classes for the day and send students home.

"By third period they said guess what, you're getting out early and of course we were all excited," said student Devaney Hernandez.

Students who could not be released to their parents or guardians would be allowed to remain on campus.

The school will be open Friday. More portable restrooms and wash stations are being delivered to the campus.

Zamudio said, "I'm going to keep all the porta pottys and hand-washing stations just in case, but we should be fine."

The water main break was isolated to the campus and did not affect any nearby homes or businesses. Repairs are expected to be done before school begins on Friday.

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