Water district hopes to attract more fishing at local reservoir

Lake Jennings almost closed last year

LAKE JENNINGS, Calif. - The fish are there and more are on the way.  Now, they just need more fishermen.

The Helix Water District is hoping to make Lake Jennings a more popular destination.

"Next year, we're budgeting for a little bit more stocking (of fish)," said Mark Umphres, the Helix Water District Director of Water Quality.

Helix lost about $200,000 last year on Lake Jennings' recreation facilities, which include fishing, a campground, boat rentals, and picnic areas.

"We made some changes," said Umphres.

That included dumping a thousand wipers into the lake last July. The lake is also the primary reservoir for the Helix Water District.

"This is a drinking water supply," Umphres said.

The Helix Water District Board of Directors only closed the rec department down last year.

Instead, "our board decided to keep it going and see if we can make improvements in it," said Umphres.

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