Wanted felon tries to fight off police following routine traffic stop, gets Tased

A routine traffic stop resulted in the violent arrest of a wanted felon.

The incident unfolded early Wednesday morning in Paradise Hills. According to police, it all started when two officers stopped a Ford Explorer because the rear lights were out.

When officers went up to the vehicle, they noticed gang tattoos on the passenger's head and quickly realized the man was a parolee who had two felony warrants out for his arrest.

Officers say the man refused to give his real name and tried to take off, then tried to fight. And when he reached for his waistband, they took him to the ground with a Taser.

He may have been reaching for the very thing police were worried about - they say they found a fully loaded handgun.

"The guy was definitely trying to get his hands loose and I believe there's no doubt he would have gone for the weapon had he had the chance," said Paul Phillips with the San Diego Police Department. "But these guys (the officers), they fought him off, did a great job and got him into custody safely. And they're safe as well."

The suspect was treated by medics before police took him to the hospital. The officers ended up with some cuts and bruises but were otherwise fine.

The driver of the Ford Explorer, a woman, was released.

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