Walk to raise awareness against sexual assault held at MCAS Miramar

SAN DIEGO - A walk to raise awareness about sexual assaults in the Military took place Friday at MCAS Miramar.

The walk, put on by the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response program, is about battling a problem that goes against the Military’s core value of fighting for the United States and its people.

Elisa Wyatt said her claims while she was serving in Afghanistan in 2010 were swept under the rug and that is why she participated in the walk.

"The first time I was attacked right at work. The second time ... after work ... left me with bruises around my throat and tears and bleeding."

According to the Department of Defense, in fiscal year 2011 there were over 3,100 reports of sexual assault involving service members.

The walk is the Military’s way of showing they want to face the difficult demon straight on and to come up with a solution together and care for the country as one.

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