Volunteers surprise Escondido family with holiday decor, bedroom makeover

Kelly Halsey diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer

ESCONDIDO, Calif. - What started as Facebook post quickly turned into a holiday surprise for one Escondido family. Strangers worked tirelessly all weekend to surprise the family with holiday décor and a bedroom makeover.

Kelly Halsey has been diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer and wanted her 9-year-old daughter Hailey to have a memorable Christmas.

"How great it would be to find a family in need this Christmas and surprise them with presents," said Holly Grncarevski, an Escondido resident who spearheaded a holiday project to help Halsey and her daughter.

Within days, Grncarevski received dozens of responses to her Facebook post.

"The mom Kelly had posted, 'If you are looking for a family, I am really needing some help this year,'" Grncarevski said. "I have a 9 year-old little girl myself, so I know."

Enter an army of Escondido volunteers, like Lynette Coleman, who spent the weekend making the home festive for the holiday.

Kelly's own mother made sure her daughter and granddaughter were away from the home.

"This is what Christmas is all about," Coleman told 10News.

Everything was donated, from the presents under the tree to the Christmas tree itself as well as to all of the furniture and decor inside Hailey's room.

It was all done by strangers who came together in the past couple of weeks, some even from out of state.

The volunteers completely gutted the 9-year-old's room Saturday morning. Some were on hand to watch as the mother and daughter walked in to see the bedroom makeover Sunday afternoon.

"Oh my gosh," Hailey said as she entered the room for the first time.

The room was covered in zebra décor, a pink lava lamp, a pink Christmas tree and freshly painted pink walls.

"It's really nice," said Kelly. "I can't believe some strangers that I met online did this random act of kindness for us."

It was the kindness of strangers that will help make this holiday one that the family won't soon forget.

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