Vision of downtown San Diego's future unveiled

SAN DIEGO - 10News got the first look at a plan to prepare downtown San Diego for the future, which includes everything from more parking to attracting tech companies.

Erin Liddell works downtown at the Chuck Jones gallery and she loves it.

"I love downtown because there's sort of these best kept secrets down here," said Liddell.

Liddell likes the galleries, boutiques and architecture, but she said not enough San Diegans are discovering them.

"They are worried about coming downtown because of parking," said Liddell.

The San Diego Downtown Partnership is listening and creating a plan to address parking and other issues in the city.

Kris Michell, CEO of the San Diego Downtown Partnership, said they worked with the San Diego Foundation to come up with a vision plan.

The foundation surveyed 30,000 San Diegans over four years on how they want the region to grow in 40 years. The partnership then did their own survey asking communities how the downtown should grow and used all the information to create a 20-year plan for downtown.

"It's very tactical so that every single year we have measurable goals," said Michell.

Those goals include more parking by using a circular shuttle system and a downtown sports entertainment complex so the Chargers have a home like Petco Park.

Michell said they want to create non-traditional educational opportunities by getting students from San Diego State University learning the brewing industry from the breweries downtown.

"We may not have vineyards in downtown, but we definitely have craft brew," said Michell.

Other goals include more parks and attracting high-tech companies to be headquartered downtown.

"The more people we can get downtown to experience those things and improve upon those things, the better," said Liddell.

The official plan will be unveiled October 11.

Link to take the survey:

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