Vigil held for missing teenage girl: Hundreds gathered to pray for Hannah Anderson's safe return

Teen, brother Ethan may be with James DiMaggio

SAN DIEGO - More than 200 people gathered outside El Capitan High School on Tuesday evening for a candlelight vigil for a missing Lakeside teen.

16-year-old Hannah Anderson was last seen in Boulevard on Saturday. The body of her mother, 42-year old Christina "Tina" Anderson, was found in a burning home in Boulevard on Sunday. A child's body was also found in the fire. Relatives believe the remains are that of Hannah's younger brother, 8-year-old Ethan. However, authorities have not officially identified the remains.

"Little Ethan would come to my door, asking for my little brother to come play with him," said one emotional friend who spoke at the vigil.

James Lee DiMaggio, a close friend of the children's father, is now wanted by federal and local authorities for arson and murder.

Sheriff's deputies believe DiMaggio kidnapped one or both of the children and may be headed to Texas or Canada. He is believed to be driving a blue Nissan Versa with California license plate 6WCU986.

Candles, cards and prayers were lifted up for the Anderson family. Hannah's father and Tina's husband, Brett Anderson, spoke briefly at the gathering. 

"This gentleman that was a friend of ours for a long time has taken everything," he said. "Hannah will come back, and Ethan and Tina ... I love you both."

"[DiMaggio took] our life, our heart," explained Sara Britt, Hannah's maternal grandmother. "He took my little grandson and my granddaughter, our daughter. My granddaughter is coming home. She's coming home."

Loved ones held on to hope, lifting up prayers and releasing balloons into the sky. 

Family friends tell 10News DiMaggio had rented a room from Brett Anderson's mother for two years to save up for the home he is accused of burning down over the weekend.

"[DiMaggio] is the best friend of the dad, Brett," explained Bobbi Aumand, a friend of the victims. "Brett's family has been so good to him, he moved in with Brett's mother after her husband died, rented a room for her and stayed there for close to two years...the house that he burnt down Tina and her little boy in. There is no reason for this massacre."

Hannah's friends believed DiMaggio may have had a crush on Hannah, a secret revealed to several of her friends in the past few weeks.

"He would take Hannah to the dentist. He would call her pretty or beautiful, and he was just a weird guy," explained Alan McNabb, who went to school with Hannah. "She told me she felt weird about it ... I miss her so much."

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