Vigil held for father of 4 who was gunned down at his Oak Park barbershop

Pleas of stop the violence permeated the night

SAN DIEGO - There is deep sadness for the family of Lamar Canady.

Childhood friend Anita Wiggins wrote on a sign posted at the Official Cutz barbershop. 

"I'm sad right now," she said. "My heart goes out to his family. We all went to school together and I pray that this stops."

It was a chaotic scene of anger and grief as news spread Friday about Canady being gunned down in his shop. 

At a vigil Monday night, his uncle Clayton Lewis was still outraged about the death of a man he said turned his life around.

"He watched dope dealers, watched prostitutes … he's seen all of that," Lewis said. "He said he didn't want that."

As other mourners tried to keep their candles burning during the windy Monday evening, he hit a crescendo.

"He was to me my ghetto superstar," Lewis said. "Yes, he was … that was my ghetto superstar. Everybody has a ghetto superstar, somebody to look up to, somebody … and he was mine."

Canady recently recorded himself rapping about gangs though his family said he left that life.

The theme at the vigil was stop the violence. San Diego City Councilwoman Myrtle Cole told the crowd, "Change is going to have to be made and I'm going to work with police to make sure that we're safe."

There were prayers and hymns and words of forgiveness. This came from the victim's sister-in-law, Danyeil Canady. 

"But to the person that did this, I forgive you because that's the type of person my brother was," she said.

No arrests have been made yet. Police are looking into possible gang retaliation.

The funeral is being planned for late this week.

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