Videos of teens' bad behavior concerns parent

Videos posted on social media app Vine

SAN DIEGO - A parent told 10News she was shocked after she said her child showed her videos of students' bad -- and sometimes dangerous -- behavior that are being spread across the Westview High School campus.

10News learned students posted videos of themselves on the social networking app Vine, but many of the students at Westview High said it is all fun and games.

One video appears to show a girl lying down while a male does what is known as a "body shot."

"I was horrified. It scared me to death," the unidentified parent told 10News.

In another video, a teen girl is doused with some type of flammable liquid and then set on fire. The girl then jumps into a swimming pool to put out the fire.

"She could have inhaled the fire and burnt all of her insides. She could have got her hair on fire," the parent said.

The parent said she contacted 10News because she was concerned for the students' safety after watching the videos.

"I would like to save a life, if there's one of those girls that could possibly get hurt enough not to make it," said the parent.

Students at Westview High who watched the videos told 10News it was all done in fun but understand the lasting effects of what they post on social media.

The Poway Unified School District said they were not aware of the videos until 10News contacted them.

The district said every student has signed a code of conduct, and the principal hopes concerned parents will contact him directly so he can investigate.

Some parents who contacted 10News said the videos show very dangerous behavior and they want other parents to know what is happening before someone gets hurt.

The parent who contacted 10News asked that she not be identified to prevent her child from possible bullying.

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