Videos detail crime spree in upscale Oceanside neighborhood

OCEANSIDE, Calif. - Some Oceanside residents showed 10News surveillance video footage that piece together a criminal stroll through a quiet neighborhood.

One video was shot from cameras at a home on Torrey Pines Place on the evening of Nov. 9.

In the video, a person wearing a sweatshirt, dark pants and sneakers casually opens the passenger's side door of a Mazda CX-5. It's not his SUV, but he appears to have no qualms about helping himself to whatever he wants inside.

At the same time, another thief wearing a hoodie opens the driver's side door  and grabs more items, including cash, sports memorabilia and phone chargers.

Finally, the first thief does one more search of the car, and then they both leave.

Just minutes before, down the street, a neighbor with a cellphone captured video of someone trying to open their car. It was locked, so the thief moved on.

By the end of that night, the thieves struck several more times in the neighborhood, hitting three vehicles at the home of Lorena Renteria.

"I'm just really angry and upset about this," said Renteria.

Renteria said she, her husband and mother-in-law didn't lock their vehicles because they live in a good neighborhood.

That morning, when Renteria saw the car door open, along with the glove compartment, she knew something was wrong.

"I felt like my heart fell to my stomach, because I'm like, what did they take?" said Renteria.

The thieves grabbed some pricey headphones, a video game and other electronics.

"I do feel violated. They're going into your car; it's personal. We work really hard for all these things, and they just come in and take it away from you," said Renteria.

In the end, the thieves' take included just about everything, from GPS navigators to a carton of cigarettes.

Anyone with information is asked to call Oceanside police.

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