VIDEO: William Shatner and Betty White debate ‘Blackfish' at Comic-Con

While SeaWorld works to repair the fallout to its image from the Blackfish documentary, the conversation surrounding the issue has continued to grow.

It even came up during a Comic-Con panel last month in San Diego, when William Shatner and Betty White, who had a spirited and humorous debate about whether its right to keep wild animals in captivity.

Shatner argued that it’s against an animal’s makeup to keep it confined.

"Animals whose instinct it is to run, and to graze free, and to hunt, and to extend every part of its energy and its body to maintain its energy and its body: That is their reason for being,” Shatner said. “And that can't be fulfilled. Surely it’s painful for them in some way -- either very consciously or dimly for the animal -- that it’s painful to go back and forth in the confines of where they are.”

White countered that zoos and sanctuaries have helped animals whose natural habitats has been depleted or destroyed.

"The problem is, we would be without so many species today where it not for zoos. I think of them as the ambassadors for their species."

"So the Orca is telling us something,” Shatner said. “That yes, it doesn't have to fend for itself. But no, my basic reason for living is being thwarted.”

"I'm just interested in us not losing one more species, that's all," White responded.

To see their full conversation, watch the video above.

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