Video shows woman being attacked at gas station

Incident occurred at 7-Eleven on Orange at Hilltop

CHULA VISTA, Calif. - Video given to 10News shows a young woman being attacked by a stranger while trying to get gas in Chula Vista.

The brazen attack occurred July 14 at the 7-Eleven on East Orange Avenue and Hilltop Drive. A 29-year-old woman just trying to get gas was nearly kidnapped by a man police say was clearly under the influence.

Chula Vista police Capt. Gary Wedge told 10News, "She's sitting on the driver's side waiting for the tank to fill. He makes some comments … 'You're attractive, you're pretty.'"

Police say Thomas Paciornik repeatedly asked the woman to go home with him.

When she said no, officers say he turned violent. Video shows him driving behind the woman's car and ramming it. Then, he pulled up in front of her car and blocks her from getting away. But it does not end there.

"He actually leans in, kisses her on the lips," said Wedge. "At one point, he reaches into the car, grabs her by the hand and tries to pull her out."

When he got rebuffed again, police say he slashed the woman's tire. The video shows the woman trying to drive away and then stopping when she realizes her car has a flat tire.

Then, Paciornik is seen opening his passenger door. Police said at that point he was yelling at the woman to get in his car.

Minutes later, he left but came back, only to be scared away when witnesses said police were on their way.

The next morning, Paciornik was arrested at Viejas Casino when he got into an argument with a car attendant because his ID did not match his car registration.

Once in jail, investigators linked him to the gas station attack.

He faces charges of assault with the intent to commit rape and attempted kidnapping. Bail was set at more than $200,000.

He is scheduled to be in court on July 29.

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