Video shows why ex-San Diego State University coach may have departed

Women's basketball coach Beth Burns left in April

SAN DIEGO - Newly-released video from the Colorado State shows what may have cost former San Diego State University women's basketball coach Beth Burns her job.

In the video, given to 10News by U-T San Diego, Burns appears to slap a clipboard on the lap of assistant coach Adam Barrett during a February game against Colorado State at Viejas Arena. At another look, she takes what appears to be her elbow and jabs him.

Both Burns and Barrett are now gone from SDSU.

 "She is just heartbroken about how it all came down … just bewildered," said Beth Bass, CEO of the Women's Basketball Coaches Association in Georgia.

Bass has known Burns for 25 years.

Bass told 10News that Burns went to see her about a month after she was released from SDSU in April. Shortly thereafter, she watched the video.

"I watched it several times and I felt like it was incidental contact that any coach of any sport," said Bass. "I mean, she wasn't even standing up."

The incidents occurred this past season when sports teams across the country may have been hypersensitive to violent outbursts, such as the ones by former Rutgers University head coach Mike Rice. 

Rice was caught verbally and physically abusing some of his players.

"I didn't see it. I didn't see a case for termination over what she did to that coach in that one instance," said local attorney Dan Gilleon.

Gilleon is not involved in this case but has handled numerous workplace violence cases.

"I just can't imagine that SDSU would have paid him $250,000 for that incident," he said.

Bass added, "I think she is just stunned that she has not ever been told any of the details except she struck an insubordinate."

10News showed the video to students at SDSU.

Student Majid Aliyev said he was surprised at her actions and the conclusion.

"I think there has to be more investigation on the issue," he said.

SDSU representatives told 10News they could not comment because it is a personnel issue.

Meanwhile, Burns' attorney Ed Chapin said since the incidents, her life has been turned upside down. He also said a lawsuit will be filed against the school in the weeks ahead.

10News tried to contact Barrett in Pennsylvania at St. Francis University where he is now an assistant coach.10News also called Barrett's local attorney but did not hear back.

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