Video shows shooting suspect, former LA officer Christopher Dorner during police academy training

SAN DIEGO - New video surfaced Friday that shows triple-murder suspect and former Los Angeles Police officer Christopher Dorner shooting guns during his extensive training at the Los Angeles Police Academy.

The video shows Dorner in 2005 as an LAPD cadet.

The man who filmed the video agreed to be interviewed but did not want to be identified. He spent months with Dorner at the training facility and he does not want this story to make him a target.

"Well, he's an expert with weapons, definitely," the man said. "He's definitely dangerous."

The man said Dorner stood out at the academy. The video shows Dorner's strength as he dragged a dummy meant to simulate a person's dead weight. He picks it up, runs backward and swings it with ease.

However, the man says drill instructors were hard on Dorner at times, picking on him for his weight and slow running.

"When I hear about how angry he is about the LAPD, it matches up to the way I think he had his experience with the LAPD... especially through the academy," he said.

The academy taught Dorner how to use an arsenal of weapons.

In his manifesto, Dorner claims to have explosives, high capacity clips and a 50-caliber rifle with bullets that can slice through a car as well as police body armor.

Investigators hoped to find some of these weapons at Dorner's home in Las Vegas, but they found nothing.

"The LAPD is going to be going after one of their own former," said the man. "And, like I said, he knows what he's doing. I mean, this guy is no joke."

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