Video shows moments before man hit in head with bottle, sliced with broken glass

Chuck Levine arrested in connection with incident

SAN DIEGO - Video sent in by a 10News viewer shows the moments before one man was struck with a bottle and then sliced with the broken glass.

10News showed the video to a few of the man's neighbors at the Renaissance condominium complex in the 600 block of Front Street downtown.

"I've see him in the elevator," said resident Victor Llamas. "I've never really talked to him, but I never thought that anyone here would be aggressive, I guess."

According to police, 43-year-old Chuck Levine was upset about a loud party by the communal pool.

The altercation escalated, and police say Levine hit the man in the head with a bottle then sliced him several times in the back.

Police say Levine was later taken into custody at his residence. The victim was taken to a local trauma center to be treated for non life-threatening wounds.

"It's extremely strange," said Llamas. "I've never seen anything close to being remotely violent here."

The incident occurred in a high-end, gated complex. Prices for units range from $500,000 to upwards of $5 million.

Neighbors say now the pool is drained and so is the Jacuzzi. Those who have never seen anything like this want to know more.

"People here are not saying anything, to be honest ... the people who work here. I only asked once and that was pretty much it," said Llamas.

When asked about they told him, Llamas said, "They said, 'We're not allowed to say anything.'"

10News was told that the condominium complex management would not discuss an ongoing police investigation. Residents say they do have a clause in their contract that could get him evicted whether he is found guilty or not.

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