Video shows brutal fight in parking lot of Qualcomm Stadium

SAN DIEGO - Video shows a brutal fight in the parking lot of Qualcomm Stadium following Sunday's Chargers game against the Cowboys.

It shows two men being attacked with beer bottles while a group of people looked on.

When the video starts, a man in a Cowboys jersey is seen clearly upset while his friends are trying to calm him down. He then walks around some vehicles. A woman then slaps him in the face and then he gets a bottle smashed over his head. As the attacker is being held back by the man's friends, another man gets a bottle smashed on his head.

The people in the video broke almost all of the Chargers' new code of conduct, which includes no profanity, no glass bottles, no fighting or threatening behavior, no violations of other laws – like assault – and no intoxication or excessive alcohol consumption.

10News contacted police regarding the video but have not heard back.

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