Video shows brutal downtown assault involving costumed elves

SAN DIEGO - Photos just obtained by Team 10 show one of the suspects in a bizarre attack by costumed elves. Those elves were off-duty Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies.

Newly-released images show a man dressed as an elf with his cuffed hands caked in blood and some of that blood on his shoes.           

On a night in December of 2012, Ryan Horner and a friend were skateboarding in the Gaslamp Quarter. One of the skateboarders is seen on surveillance video revealed as part of a civil lawsuit.

Horner says he saw several men in elf costumes yelling at a man who was not in costume, trying to start a fight. He tried to step in.

"I was just having a conversation like, 'Whoa, what's going on,' and then I was hit on the side of the head and knocked out," Horner told 10News during an April interview.

In the surveillance video, someone is seen moving towards Horner and striking him, dropping him to the ground. Another costumed elf joined in, kicking Horner in the head or face, according to witnesses.

Horner's friend says one of the men then grabbed one of the skateboards and chased him down the street, threatening him.

Eventually, some bystanders corralled the elves before police arrived and arrested the two men.

Then came the stunner. Both elves were actually off-duty Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies, including Miguel Aguilar. Police say they had been come from a holiday-themed bachelor party.

Aguilar pleaded guilty to felony assault, while the other deputy, Derek Von Kleist, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor. Neither served any jail time.

Horner suffered a severe concussion and other injuries and then filed suit.

"It was a vicious, unprovoked act of extreme violence," said Horner's attorney, Julia Yoo. "Both the video and witnesses say Horner was just standing there and trying to do the right thing."

Aguilar has lost his job. 10News is still waiting on word on whether the other deputy kept his job.

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