Video reveals intensity of fight in Poway bullying case

POWAY - Cell phone video obtained by 10News shows a fight between two eighth graders from a Poway middle school.

Family members of one of the boys said their son was being bullied and criticized Twin Peaks Middle School of not doing enough. They claimed that their son's classmate beat and threatened him.

The video shows one boy trying to fend another, and he was on the receiving end of a flurry of punches and kicks. The fight happened last October and off-campus. 

A third boy captured the incident on his cell phone and posted it on Facebook.

The father of the victim told 10News that his son's life was threatened.

“Starin' him down; told him he's gonna kill him; kill our whole family," Jerrod Christian told 10News what happened to his son.

He said he reported the incident to the San Diego Sheriff's Department and school officials, but little was done.

Another mother in the district who didn't want to be identified was irate by the situation.

“I think he's been failed by everyone.  The Sheriff's Dept. has failed him, the school has failed him," said the parent, who did not want to reveal her identity.  "Nothing was really done to the kids who committed these offenses and they continue to do [bullying].” 

The school's principal sent a note to parents Thursday stating:

Tuesday night a local news agency ran a story about a bullying incident involving two Twin Peaks students.  The altercation occurred off campus last October, after school. .  Since first learning of this incident in mid-January, my staff has been working with the Poway Sheriff’s Department to investigate and take appropriate actions against those involved. At no time were students on campus in danger.

While it is always disappointing when students make poor choices about how to resolve conflict, I firmly believe these occasions provide both a responsibility and an opportunity to review our practice.  So I want to take a few minutes to share with you the steps we take regularly throughout the year to ensure students are able to learn in a safe environment.

The school's note to parents included a promise to ensure school safety including identifying preventing and reporting incidents of bullying.

Poway Unified School District Superintendent John Collins said the matter has been resolved and that meetings  have been held with the boys and their parents.  Both boys are back in school. 

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